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At Infinite Abilities not only do we want to create an inclusive and fun environment for all, we also have a deep focus on improving both physicality and mentality for all students in a healthy, positive way.​ Dance is an amazing way to express ones self and to speak through your movement, which was why IAPA is perfect for you; To gain health benefits through our adapted specialised classes, and to help tap into each students Infinite Abilities.

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Recreational PerformAbility Programs


Perform-Ability is Australia’s fastest growing performing arts program for people of all ages with disabilities. Each class is tailored to suit the abilities of the students in the class. Dance is also great for the mind as the students are encouraged to remember routines using imagery, muscle memory and music. We are offering the DancePlay and YoungStars programs affiliated to PerformAbility. Although our disability dance classes are full of fun and games, we understand that discipline is also an important skill and this is gently implemented into all of our programs.  For more info on the Perform-Ability program, click here.

Pom Competition 


Beginner Movement Adults 18+

Release your inner Bring It On fangirl and join our IGNITE POM CREW! Pom is a style of jazz which has a main focus on strong/powerful arm movements. It also involves the use of poms which makes it even more fun.

Also affiliated under the DanceAbility guidelines.​

This dance therapy is great for students with less mobility. This physical exercises involves the use of ribbons, pom poms, parachutes and balls to work on gaining muscle tone and fine motor skills. These classes run under the Perform Ability Program

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Hip hop Competition Troupe (COMING SOON)


Jazz Competition Troupe 

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1:1 Private


Private lessons are a great way to work on personal growth in areas a student wants to improve in. This could be anything ranging from musicality, timing, flexibility, dynamic etc. Miss Zoe loves to specialise in what people want to improve on, and getting the opportunity to work with a professional in the field is a very rewarding feeling. 

Get funky on stage with our Hip Hop Comp Crew! Hip hop is such a fun style to upbeat music which allows students to bring out their sassy side with these laidback inspired movements. Perform with us in our SWAG SQUAD!​

Also affiliated under the DanceAbility guidelines.

Bring your dreams to life being apart of the JAZZ CREW! A well known style which incorporates strong, fact movement to upbeat pop music. All competition troupes will compete in various eisteddfods around Sydney in a section known as DanceAbility. This allows for the teachers to be at the front of the stage signalling. Learn more about DanceAbility here.

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